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Portland pregnancy massage is a special massage for mom’s-to-be, designed to help you relax and feel better during your pregnancy.
Moms-to-be all over the world are turning to pregnancy massage to keep their pregnancies natural and healthy. Women today are seeking more natural and complementary therapies, as an alternative to traditional medicine.  A pregnancy massage can definitely help you feel better. Being pregnant can sometimes be very uncomfortable. Your body is growing and there is more stress than ever on muscles and joints. You’ll suffer new aches, pains, and swelling, and you may suffer from headaches. What is a mom to do? Beginning regular massage therapy sessions can not only provide effective solutions for the common ailments of pregnancy; it can potentially also help in having a healthier baby.

Portland Prenatal Massage Benefits – Some Benefits of Portland Pregnancy Massage

Take a look at just some of the wonderful affects that massage therapy can have on pregnancy:

  • Massage increases blood circulation. This increases the delivery of oxygen and other vital nutrients throughout the body’s systems via the bloodstream.
  • Increased circulation lessens the stress on the heart muscle.
  • Increased oxygen delivery lessens the burdens placed upon the respiratory system.
  • Massage helps to stimulate digestion. Digestion, for all people – pregnant or not is the hardest process for the human body to perform.

Moms-to-be definitely want to minimize stress. Stress-related factors may be attributed to 80% of all disease. Massage therapy relaxes and soothes. It is an excellent way to reduce stress. And your baby will be feeling the healthful results of the massage, too!

Getting a pregnancy massage gives the brain an escape clause. The mind is freed from the hustle and constant motion of everyday life. When you get a massage, you have time to get in touch with your emotions.

Portland Pregnancy Massage – Relaxing your Mind, as Well as your Body

Sometimes expectant mothers can feel a little anxious or depressed. Massage therapy has been clinically proven to increase the production of serotonin. Serotonin is the chemical released in the brain that helps us to naturally feel better. A prenatal massage increases feelings of well-being and happiness.

Instead of taking a drug to relieve pain, get a prenatal massage instead. Licensed massage therapists (LMTs) are professionally trained to relieve pain naturally, without drugs. When you are finished with your massage, your muscles will have released all held tension, your tendons and ligaments will have been flooded with oxygen-rich blood, your circulatory system will be functioning optimally and you will be filled with elation brought about by the release of natural endorphins.

Areas that may be swollen from poor circulation begin to improve. Your joints tired from carrying additional weight will feel rejuvenated and invigorated. Manual manipulation from your massage therapist will alleviate both tension and migraine headaches. A tranquil prenatal massage brings you closer to nature. For a mom-to-be especially, a sense of purpose and well-being is reestablished.

Ensure that your pregnancy is as natural and healthful as is possible. While getting a massage is often considered a luxury, it is also a necessity to treat your body well and to put your health and wellness as a top priority. This is especially true during your pregnancy. Treat yourself and your baby to the blissful world of massage therapy today.

Please consult your physician if you are pregnant and get appropriate medical treatment. In some cases, massage during pregnancy is contraindicated, so please ask your physician if massage is safe for you.

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