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A classic therapeutic massage is a mix of classic Swedish massage or relaxation massage, as well as deeper tissue massage if desired.

At Holistic Portland Massage, the focus is always on you.  We are not a big spa or salon–we do one thing and do it well: massage therapy.  You will get a caring, intuitive service that is designed to meet your needs each and every visit.  Some days you may need a quiet and relaxing massage service, and other days you may prefer a deep tissue massage to work out a tough kink in your neck.  Always feel free to be honest and express what type of service you prefer.  If you would like aromatherapy massage, just ask what essential oil fragrances are available and select one that suits your mood.

You may undress to your level of comfort because you will be professionally draped to ensure your comfort throughout the professional massage therapy session.  A therapeutic Portland massage or relaxation massage is great for de-stresssing and unwinding after a hard week.

At Holistic Portland Massage:  I drooled…always the sign of a great massage!

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Portland Deep Tissue Massage – Relax, Refresh, and Renew your Spirit

A Portland deep tissue massage is another popular option.  If you need a sports massage or have restricted movement due to tension or deep knots in your back or shoulders, this might be the right massage choice for you.  A deep tissue massage is intended to work deeply into the muscle to release restrictions and improve circulation.  It can be a little bit painful in some spots as the tension is worked loose, but afterwards, you will have restored motion, improved circulation, and you will feel amazing!  If you feel any tightness or pain during the massage, be sure to take deep breaths, as this will help.  If it is uncomfortable, always speak up and let your massage therapist know so the pressure can be adjusted.

Always tell your therapist if you are suffering from an illness or injury.  Sometimes deep tissue massage doesn’t make sense if you have a serious injury.  Just discuss what your body is telling you before your service, and your Portland deep tissue massage can be customized to meet your needs.

A Deep Tissue Massage can also be combined with relaxation massage techniques, which are gentler and more fluid motion, and with aromatheraphy essential oils to enhance your massage experience.  If you aren’t sure if a deep tissue massage is right for you, don’t worry – your Portland massage therapist will sense what your body needs and will adapt your massage accordingly. Relax, and enjoy.

Best massage EVER! My husband and I just went and both had incredible massages– you know the kind of massage that hurts, but in that good way where you feel like knots are moving and you’ll feel so much better for it in the long run!! Other massages that I’ve had, I felt like the masseuse didn’t listen to me or my body, but Jonathan sure did!

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