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Schedule a regular therapeutic Portland massage and integrate relaxation into your holistic approach towards well being.   As an experienced licensed massage therapist in Portland, I promise that you won’t be disappointed with a service that misses your expectations.

[blockquote]His way of healing is incredibly intuitive. I mentioned being sore from painting all weekend, but that was it. He really listened to my body and gave it attention where needed. I felt like a million bucks afterwards.[\blockquote]

Whether you are looking for a basic Portland relaxation massage to de-stress and relax your body and mind, or you need a Portland deep tissue massage to work out tightness and knots, this will be the right massage, tuned for your body’s needs.  If you want more or less pressure, just ask–the goal is to make sure your massage is just right so you’ll be a happy client who comes back again.

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Therapeutic Portland Massage

If you would like to learn more about the techniques involved in therapeutic massage, read below (from my massage therapy website at

Aromatherapy massage – aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine that promotes the use of scent, typically plant-based, natural essential oils, to promote stress relief and an overall enhanced sense of well being.During an aromatherapy massage, the client will typically be asked to select a scent that they enjoy (e.g. lavender, ylang ylang, sandalwood), and that scent is incorporated into the massage.Any massage technique (Swedish, deep tissue) may be used in combination with the aromatherapy.If you are pregnant, sensitive to certain smells, or if you have allergies or other health conditions, you may want to avoid aromatherapy.If that is the case, simply consult your physician for approval before trying this therapy.

Compression – in Swedish massage, compression refers to using pressure and squeezing techniques to compress the underlying muscles to improve circulation and reduce tension.

Deep tissue massage – a deep, directed massage technique with firm stroking, kneading, and friction.The deeper, firmer pressure and manipulation is intended to work into the structures of the muscle tissue and fascia.Deep tissue massage can sometimes be painful, yet it is helpful in releasing difficult muscle tension, spasms, knots and congestion, and helping with sports injuries. Sports massage typically uses deep tissue massage techniques.

Ever wonder what deep tissue is all about?    It’s more about the focused area, the release of a deeper muscle and/or muscle groups.  Using slow strokes, light to medium to firm pressure will enhance the relaxation of the muscles and joints in the near vicinity.  Depending on the area of the body the massage is used, the therapist will used thumbs, knuckles, palms of the hand, and the forearm.  The elbow maybe used as well, but I would be very cautious at all times.  Since it’s not part of the hand, feeling how much pressure is being used by the elbow might be difficult, and applying too much pressure could be painful or potentially dangerous.   To counteract that risk, remember that having great communication with the client will facilitate your overall awareness of how much pressure is needed.

Effleurage – a smooth, light, gliding massage stroke used in Swedish massage to relax the body as well as to warm up the muscles and skin before deeper stroking.

Friction – uses a circular movement in Swedish massage to apply pressure to underlying muscles.

Hot stone massage – uses smooth heated stones (often basalt, or lava rock which retains heat), usually of varying sizes, to assist in the massage.The heat of the stones assists in releasing tension by heating up the muscles.The actual hot stone massage techniques may vary, but typically involves placement of hot stones along the body, and the therapist may use two stones held in their hands to perform part of the massage.Often, the therapist will perform a rhythmic tapping (one stone on another) to create a rhythmic vibration that can enhance relaxation.

Petrissage – a deeper massage technique that involves kneading, squeezing, skin rolling, and lifting of the skin to apply pressure to underlying muscles.In Swedish massage this usually follows effleurage, a lighter stroking technique.

Pregnancy massage – a pregnancy massage, or prenatal massage is a special type of massage intended for the expectant mother.It focuses on gentle massage strokes and relaxation, and can help reduce swelling, improve circulation, and give an overall sense of well-being to the expectant mother.The therapist should be trained in prenatal massage techniques, and special pillows and bolsters are used to support the body and ensure proper alignment and comfort.While they are extremely beneficial, all pregnant women should consult with their physician prior to receiving prenatal massage just to be sure it is safe for them.Pre-natal massage is very important during the woman’s pregnancy, because the body goes through so much change, growth, and hormonal imbalances in 9 months. The therapist needs to be aware of which trimester the mom-to-be is in, because the first trimester is the most crucial of all. Life is happening in the womb, and safety is most important. Asking a lot of questions beforehand, and having a doctor’s word or approval will make the therapist more at ease, while giving a healing session. In most cases, pre-natal massage is done lying on the side, but if you have pre-natal cushions the client will be able to lay face down in comfort. With the amount of stress building up in the lower back, tension seems to extend throughout the body. Light massage is recommended, but ask the client what she would like. The intuition of the therapist should know how much pressure to use, but if not, always make sure the client is feeling good. Stretching will help out with circulation issues, and help create better movement in blood flow. I highly recommend taking extra care during these specific treatments, because you are not just massaging one person, but two!

Shiatsu – In Japanese, Shiatsu (”Shi” means finger, and “atsu” means pressure) connects with the healing power of ki  (life force or spiritual energy)  to correct the imbalances within the body by using fingers & palm pressure.   In theory, we have meridians that travel throughout our body from head to toe.  If there is an obstruction in any meridian, then relief is needed for any tension, pain, stress circulation issues.  Extended teaching is necessary for proper use of this modality!  This is one of the most unique forms of healing, because its not only dealing with the outer body but it changes the continuum of energy of our organs that make life exist.

Sports massage – uses a combination of massage techniques, including Swedish and deep tissue, as well as facilitated stretching, to enhance the performance of the body through reduced tightness, enhanced circulation, and better flexibility.Sports massage is also helpful in treating over exertion, and muscle spasms.

Swedish massage – one of the most well-known and popular massage techniques, uses long strokes and kneading to help relax the muscles and improve circulation.Oil or lotion is applied to assist in the fluid stroking motions.The client is typically disrobed (or minimally clothed) and the body is draped, exposing the area being worked. Some of the terms used to describe the classic stroking techniques in Swedish massage include effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, compression, and vibration.Swedish massage is helpful for overall stress reduction and relaxation, and also helpful for joint and muscle pain and tightness.

Tapotement – a rhythmic percussive technique, typically used in Swedish massage to help provide stimulation and help to release tight muscles.Usually, the percussive motion of tapotement is done using the edge of the palm (sides or heels of the hands) in a rapid chopping type movement.

Thai massage – Thai massage is different from Swedish massage in that typically, no oil or lotion is applied to the skin.Thai massage stretching is often done on a mat placed on the floor and the client remains clothed.The emphasis with Thai massage is on active (facilitated/assisted) and passive stretching, alignment, and massage for loosening the muscles and joints, with additional focus on acupressure points (energy work).Thai massage can help to increase flexibility, decrease stress and increase energy, promoting an overall sense of balance and wellness.

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Client Testimonials

Holistic Portland Massage prides itself on providing customized therapeutic massage therapy, with the modality most appropriate to meet your needs whether that is a relaxation Swedish massage, or a deep tissue massage to remove deep knots and tension.

Read my client testimonials and Holistic Portland Massage 5-star reviews on Yelp!
Here are a few client testimonials:
"Jonathan is by far one of the most intuitive, kind, safe massage therapist I have ever seen. Great location, clean and comfortable setting. I left my appointment feeling renewed, refreshed and more connected to myself. Can't wait to book my next appointment! "

"Jonathan is a miracle worker. He truly cares about each of his clients and works with you to either heal what's aching, or provide blissful relaxation!
I had a hard time finding a reliabe and affordable massage therapist until I found Jonathan. Booking online is fast and easy, he consistently has affordable prices, and he is insanely knowledgable about muscles and how they work. I suffer from chronic pain, and he is the number one person I trust when it comes to healing pain relief. I recommend him to anyone and everyone. "

"My back muscles were really aching and I was able to make a last-minute appointment online with Jonathan; it was one of the best massages I've ever had. My back felt so much better afterwards. The soothing sound of ocean waves filled the massage studio and it was very relaxing. Jonathan is super nice, his massage studio is cozy, the face cradle on the massage table is very comfortable, and he is an excellent massage therapist. He was respectfully quiet during the massage. I am definitely returning for another massage."

"Wow what a refreshing experience. I have gotten massages all over the country and Jonathon knows the meaning of massage. I received a strong firm but pain free professional massage. I'm small but I have a ton of knots/tension from working out, so I need a deep tissue release. He works intuitively meaning what is done on the right may not be done exactly on the left, he moves where the knots are, he engages your entire body. this is not a routine for him and you're sent out the door. "

"One of the best massages I have ever had. Jonathan is extremely intuitive in his massage techniques. He just seems to read the body and understand where the stress points are more than any other massage therapist I have had."

"One of the best massages Ive ever had.
Ive found it very difficult to find a good, consistant massage therapist. I was asking around at work and was referred to Jonathan by a coworker and Im so happy I went to him! He is fantastic! The room is very relaxing and I felt very comfortable the entire time. He is in tune to what the body needs and uses massage along with stretching and bending. "

"Fantastic, intuitive, transformative massage. So glad a friend told me about Jonathan!"

"One of the best massages I've ever received... worth every penny!"

"LOVE HIS WORK It took a really bad massage somewhere else to make me realize just how amazing this man is. His room is warm with dim lighting and beautiful aroma therapy scents. He is kind and has a soft but firm and thorough style. He doesn't talk to much. There was never one moment where I felt as if I wanted to direct him. He was so thorough and remembered everything I told him was bothering me."

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